Mobile software for online casinos

Mobile software for online casinos

Up until 2010, there has been no way for Canadian gamblers to play real cash games without having to either jump onto their personal computer or head to a live land-based casino. Nowadays though, mobile platforms, such as the Android, Windows and Apple phones, have overtaken the market in terms of online entertainment. The reason being for this is that online casino software development companies, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, and The Stars Group, embraced the early adoption of mobile software, ensuring that all game versions were optimized for use on the largest operating platforms.  It is no surprise that the mobile gamble market is popular as games have comparable graphics to their desktop counterparts. And you can conveniently play them anywhere with ease.

An Overview of the Developers Behind Online Casinos

Most casino goers might not know too much about the developers behind their favorite games, especially Canadian ones.  Although they are incredibly familiar with the gaming experience that casinos offer. Whether that be at land-based casinos or on mobile devices. Each casino software developer will create their own style of games, such as the movie or mythology themed slots (Zeus Play) or live-dealer based card games (Evolution Gaming), but will always make sure that the same type of skill sets are required to play.

Payoneer: Great for Business, Not Great for Fun

Payoneer is a digital payment service provider that facilitates mass payments and online money transfers to Payoneer account and Payoneer Mastercard holders. The company is known for allowing both business owners, professionals and even freelance contract workers to receive payments from international clients who work within global marketplaces such as Amazon, Google, UpWork, Fiverr and Airbnb to name a few. The company has recently added in CAD and AUD currencies. So that those who reside in these countries can withdraw to their Payoneer accounts in said currency. Unlike other e-wallets, opening an account with Payoneer is equivalent of opening a bank account online.

UseMyServices: a private, secure and instant banking payment system for gamblers

UseMyServices, formally known as UseMyBank is an online intermediary payment system that works around the world and is extremely popular in both Canada and the United States. It was launched as a payment solution way back in 2002 from Toronto, Ontario and allows real-time debit transactions from one bank account to another. What makes it incredibly private and secure is the fact that no credit card or banking information is shared with the merchant whom you are purchasing from. This means that all of your information is kept confidential regardless of where you conduct your transactions. All transactions that are made from one bank account to another is treated as a debit transaction, ensuring that there are no fees or caveats with limited transaction ceilings.