Canadian Casino Bonuses

There are casinos all over the world. Some of these work online. Some of them also work offline which is a great source of revenue. It is because there is no need to set up any facility to carry out the gaming and the players can sit in their couch and play from home. These online casinos are also a great way to attract the gamblers and provide state of the art bonuses. However being a gambling friendly economy Canada provides bonuses which are cannot be searched for elsewhere. By casino bonuses is meant the fabulous offers which can easily be segregated. Each and every Canadian online casino offer these bonuses which mean that there are huge chances of winning the game.

Canadian Casino Taxes

Being the largest entertainment industry of the Canada casinos of this country are visited by millions from around the globe. Both forms i.e. online and offline generate whopping revenue for the government. There are many tax rebates and waivers which are offered to the gamblers as well as casino owners in Canada. There are two main parts of the Canadian law when it comes to casinos i.e. gambling income and losses. Whatever the form of the casino a user opts for, it is very important to check whether or not the income is considered as prize under Canadian income tax law. The only point which a gambler should care for is that none of the casino winnings in Canada are taxable at all. However, on the other hand, the casino owners are heavily taxed under the income tax law. None of the countries in the world have better tax laws than Canada.