Why Download-Based Casino Games Are More Popular

Why Download-Based Casino Games Are More Popular

Download-based casinos are now the dominant virtual casinos and many Canadian players prefer them over the web-based casinos. Up until a few years ago, the internet speed was not fast enough to support download-based casinos and that is why users preferred the instant web-based versions. However, now that internet speeds have reached new heights, download-based casinos have emerged as the favorites.

How Download-Based Casinos Work

Online casinos have now brought entertainment to your home. For those who are new to the virtual gambling world, there are two types of online casinos: the download-based and web-based ones. The download-based casino needs a software setup that has to be downloaded and installed on to the computer. It allows the player to access all their favorite games straight from the desktop. The downloaded games have straightforward instructions which help you in figuring out how to begin playing.

To download and run casino software it is recommended that the Windows operating system is installed on to the personal computer. Most online casinos in Canada recommend that the software is downloaded so a better-quality experience can be enjoyed. The download-based casinos offer a larger variety of games whereas the web-based only have a limited number of options. You can download the complete game pack and play any game you wish to.

Variety of Gaming Options

There is a wide range of gaming options available on the download-based casinos as it has been mentioned above. Not only can players access their favorite games and tables but they can also compete against other gamblers from around the world. There are always tournaments taking place and the speed of the game as well as payout can be customized. The number and size of jackpots offered on these casinos are enough to convince anyone to start playing: Spin Palace, Ruby Fortune, Jackpot city, Platinum Play and others.

Better Graphics

The graphics on the download-based casinos are of a much higher quality. They offer gameplay that cannot be compared to the web-based versions, as other videogames do. Since the software is downloaded, the internet speed has no effect on the quality of the graphics. The software takes up some space on your computer’s hard drive but it can accommodate a large number of graphics files which make the images much sharper and even have audio embedded into the program. Download-based casinos offer a quicker and smoother gaming experience.

No Internet Connection Required

The main advantage of the download-based casino is that it can be accessed even when there is no internet connection available. The setting can be adjusted when the internet is connected. In the event of a disconnection, the game is not lost and you can keep playing. However, this is not applicable to live gambling which includes other real players from around the world. There are a number of Canadians who choose to play the free games offline. This is because they can learn the rules and develop strategies without losing any money. It also offers players the chance to take a break from a real game and allow them to just play for fun.