Caesar Windsor reopens its doors after a two-month break

caesars_windsor reopening

Located in Ontario, Canada, the legendary Caesar Windsor stayed empty for approximately 60 days due to a worker strike. Without staff, no area in the casino, from restaurants to entertainment, could function properly. This came as a disappointment for customers waiting eagerly at home to see the cards being dealt and hear the slot machines ringing one more time.

Some of them even had the patience to watch the news in order to find out if Caesar Windsor will ever open its doors again for the public. Because they wanted to cash in the vouchers won prior to the labor dispute. People from different locations, such as New York and Brooklyn, who stayed at the hotel during the period of inactivity had the opportunity to witness all the events happening during the strike.

Most costumers did not have information regarding the cause leading to the drastic decision of workers to leave the building all of a sudden without thinking about the consequences. However, few of them did declare that, even though Caesar Windsor casino represents their favorite pastime, they could not influence in any way the course of the events. However, the unplanned 60-day break might affect the region’s economy. Taking into account the major contribution of the casino to the Detroit-Windsor area. Unfortunately, nobody can accurately predict the long-term effects of this form of protest used by the body of employees to make their voices heard.

Grand Reopening

After renewing the contract, workers returned without hesitation early in the morning on Thursday. After reaching an agreement, the casino management released an official statement with the purpose of informing loyal customers waiting eagerly for the property to reopen that they can return after 11 a.m. for more quality entertainment. In fact, the casino has another good reason to celebrate because the reopening marks its 10th anniversary. In order to make this “happy ending” possible, union members engaged in intense discussions behind closed doors. The new three-year contract is beneficial to employees because it includes better job security, improved wages and working conditions. The management rescheduled all the comedy shows and concerts so those people who already got a ticket should become familiar with the new schedule or decide if they prefer to get a refund, after providing the proof of purchase.

Caesar Windsor decided to repay the customers for their patience and added two headlines to the current shows, scheduled in July and September. Undoubtedly, the casino is still able to provide gaming and entertainment of superior quality. But it would be a lie to think or say that the strike resulted in a long-lasting closure has not affected the property in any way. Financially speaking, even the largest casino in Ontario would experience issues after canceling room reservations and postponing shows. Of course, the loyalty of customers will help the building return to its former glory. But such a recovery takes time. Workers behind the strike did not live the good life either because they did not receive their normal wages during those 60 days.

All You Need to Know About the Canadian Gaming Summit 2018

Canadian gaming summit 2018

In case you didn’t know, the Canadian Gaming Summit takes place this year as well (June 18-20, 2018). This year’s theme is related entirely to technology and its implications in all sorts of industries and topics. The summit will take place in Ontario, Canada at the Scotiabank Convention Center. The topics will range from gaming operations, lottery, charitable gaming, gaming technology and compliance to legal & regulatory and non-gaming amenities.

Canada poised to legalize sports betting

Canada poised to legalize sports betting

The 26-year-old law ruling out sports gambling in the U.S. has just been declared illegal and unenforceable by the Supreme Court. That is, countries that want to make available legal sports betting are now free to do so. This is an important victory for federalism advocates. The United States’ recent Supreme Court decision will have a direct repercussion on Canada’s gambling industry, according to Jim Diodati, Niagara Falls mayor.