Video game loot boxes draw criticism once again

can loot boxes be considered as gambling

Loot boxes aren’t large containers for the storage of toys that people mail to their home. They are collectible pieces that can be acquired through game play and provide great rewards, being available in electronic games. You open a loot box, you get a little prize, and, the next time, you do it again. You can also buy them for a significant amount of money.

All You Need to Know About the Canadian Gaming Summit 2018

Canadian gaming summit 2018

In case you didn’t know, the Canadian Gaming Summit takes place this year as well (June 18-20, 2018). This year’s theme is related entirely to technology and its implications in all sorts of industries and topics. The summit will take place in Ontario, Canada at the Scotiabank Convention Center. The topics will range from gaming operations, lottery, charitable gaming, gaming technology and compliance to legal & regulatory and non-gaming amenities.

Canada poised to legalize sports betting

Canada poised to legalize sports betting

The 26-year-old law ruling out sports gambling in the U.S. has just been declared illegal and unenforceable by the Supreme Court. That is, countries that want to make available legal sports betting are now free to do so. This is an important victory for federalism advocates. The United States’ recent Supreme Court decision will have a direct repercussion on Canada’s gambling industry, according to Jim Diodati, Niagara Falls mayor.