Online Casino Industry in Canada

Online casinos are regarded as a burgeoning part of the Canadian gambling economy. This clearly shows that the trends are changing. This multi-million dollar industry has paved way for many to get what they want. From lucrative prices to salaries everything is on a rise which clearly shows that Canadian gambling is still the best in the world. According to recent reports published by respective governments of Canadian states approximately 150,000 people are employed by this industry. Whopping $2billion is won by players each year. Times have changed for the Canadians and now easy money is regarded as casino win. It includes lottery wins and horse races as well. Things were going fine for offline casinos up until 2009. In 2009 a bill was passed by the Canadian parliament which allowed online casinos to operate freely in the country.

This permission was a gush of fresh air of this industry. Now the online casinos are working and making profits as high as offline casinos. There are many aspects of online casinos which are not provided by their counterparts. The effect is simple i.e. more and more people visit online casinos to get what they want. A big win in each is though not guaranteed but it is sure that players win more than offline casinos. Laws in Canada also permit the players to play as much as they want and they will never find tax authorities at their doorstep. The rules and regulations of both streams are kept same which means maximum revenue for both casinos and government.

Initially, only traditional games were offered by the online casinos which were soon accompanied by video lottery. Offline casinos often quote that this level of gaming is not good for Canadians but the government denies. The government in this regard states that it is up to the people to play. If they want they can enjoy and vice versa. The fact is that online casinos pose a serious threat to the existence of offline ones. Canadian Gaming Commission is the sole body which makes sure that online gambling related affairs are kept simple and transparent. It also makes sure that periodic reports are presented to the government. It allows then not only to regulate the laws but to add or delete anything necessary. The steps were taken by Canada in relation to online casinos clearly show that country wants the business to flourish as much as possible.

The facts and figures also say a lot when it comes to online casinos in Canada. Each year about 80% of Canadians get involved in some kind of betting related activity. 70% of these players are of the view that online gaming is much easier, sophisticated and safe as compared to offline. It clearly shows the player inclination which makes it possible for the online casinos to flourish even more. The good news is that the online casino players in Canada can also play using software programs which are not Canadian made. It means doors of foreign casinos are also open. The amount won during such process is completely exempted from tax.