Online gambling software programs in Canada

Online gambling software programs in Canada

Choosing online casino in Canada is not easy at all. It is because different players have different playing habits. Before choosing Canadian online casino it is really important to make sure that the software associated with the casino is also accessed completely. The Ponzi schemes and scams in Canadian online gambling history demand careful steps by the players. There have been instances where the real deposits of the players have vanished and the website is nowhere to be found on the internet. In the wake of advancement in science and technology, it is now possible to test each and every gambling software program before it is used regularly. The rise of the mobile casino in Canada also demands the players to test the program before money is invested. Some of the best online casino programs in Canada are as follows.

The point worth mentioning is that some of the programs are as old as 3 decades:

Game Scale

The software is relatively new but has captured a wide player base. The simple and user-friendly interface plays an important role in this regard. It also allows the players to gamble using the wide variety of tools. Initially, the program started as a slot but now different titles are available to enjoy. It is available in five different languages and the developers are working to expand the reach of this program further.

Next Gen

Since 1999 this company has been providing software solutions to casinos all over Canada. The best part is that the programs created by Next Gen indulge the players in full. The innovative ideas, as well as overall gameplay smoothness, are some of the factors which make this program immensely popular. Next Gen was probably the first Canadian company to embed 3D graphics into gambling slots.

Net Entertainment

Though the NetEnt company has reduced its reach still it remains as one of the best brands in online casino software provider in Canada. There are several features which have been added over the period of time. The bonuses and lucrative table games are some of the best features which are added to the software program.


This company was launched when online gaming was becoming famous. It has evolved into a world-class casino software provider and is currently employed by hundreds of online casinos in Canada. The gaming variation is unlimited which a single player cannot even go through. With the passage of time Microgaming has become a name of trust which has made it possible for the company to fully manage around 800 casinos. With new frequent releases, there is no end to this gaming software.


As the name suggests this company provides only betting related software programs. The main feature of the programs developed by Betsoft is security. Each and every transaction is encrypted which means that the data packets can never be read by any hacker. From 3D slots to table games there are tens of thousands of features which are provided ranking it among the top casino software providers in Canada.