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Canadian Residents and PayPal: The Limitation of Canada’s Gambling Grey Area

PayPal is one of the largest e-wallet platforms around the globe, boasting over 170 million users in over two hundred countries, including Canada. It is now considered a Fortune 500 company and is well-known and used for the security it offers users. All users who use PayPal do not have to worry about any of their personal information being given to the vendors they buy from and if there are any issues with items purchased, PayPal has a buyer protection policy in place that allows complaint filing. The company also has a seller protection policy in place that protects the seller from specific types of chargebacks, unauthorized payments, and even fraud.

EcoPayz: why online casino goers choose it

Ecopayz, also known as Ecocard, is an internationally accepted e-wallet payment system that is available worldwide. Initially catering to European customers, Ecocard has expanded their service to the United States and Canada. It supports up to ten different currency accounts with forty-five total currencies and has three levels of service which include: ecoAccount, ecoCard, and ecoVirtualcard. What makes Ecopayz a popular choice, especially for online casino goers, is the fact that you do not need a bank account, credit check or credit card to open, start or fund your account as there are plenty of other available options for this. This ensures that not only your privacy but your anonymity remains intact when transferring funds from your account to say a merchant or participating partner.

EntroPay: an excellent option for Canadians

Entropay is an online payment system that works a bit differently than e-wallets, in that it allows users to create, delete, deposit and withdraw to and from virtual disposable Visa cards. These cards work like any other prepaid Visa card which means that they are accepted among millions of merchants worldwide, including those in Canada. This makes it very convenient for Canadian users who want to gamble in an online casino as Entropay is a wildly accepted and popular choice.